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Dear Library friends and lovers:

We're part of a hot piece of legislation, and a clever acronym - the LIBRARIAN Act of 2007, "Librarian Incentive to Boost Recruitment And Retention In Areas of Need" (get it?). Check it out:

This would forgive Perkins Loans for librarians who work in low-income school or public libraries. (Perkins Loans are repeatedly marked for elimination in federal budget proposals - but they're still around).

Wish we could get loan forgiveness for ALL federal loans, or just free education. Anyway, use the first link above to contact your congresspeople and tell them to support this bill!

Vinnie's awesomeness, parte due
Vinnie wrote an article for the Colorado Daily. This one's about environmental racism and environmental justice. One of his duties now as co-chair of the Environmental Board is writing a bi-weekly article related to environmentalism. I'm so proud of him!

Let's broaden the dialogue

By TIM “BLACK COWBOY” THOMAS AND VINNIE NAPPO CU Environmental Justice Steering Committee
Wednesday, February 7, 2007 7:34 PM MST

Environmental Justice affirms the sacredness of Mother Earth, ecological unity and the interdependence of all species, and the right to be free from ecological destruction.

Most of the community members and businesses in and around Boulder pride themselves on being stewards of the environment. If you live out here, it's simply a part of your everyday routine. But, is sorting one's recyclables, conserving energy, and disposing of trash properly where it all ends? For many, yes. Not because they're lazy or apathetic, but because they are unaware of a non-traditional framework of environmental activism that has been increasingly gaining attention. We are speaking of the Environmental Justice Movement (EJM).

The EJM has been defined many different ways. The basic idea that most groups have been able to agree upon is the fact that during the entire history of the United States, the poor and people of color (POC) have suffered a disproportionately heavy environmental burden.

According to several sources, the beginning of this latest incarnation of the EJM can be traced to 1990. On its Web site, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) chronicles important periods in environmental justice history. 1990s was surely such a time. In that year, a group of grassroots activist wrote a widely publicized letter to the “Big 10” environmental groups such as the Sierra Club and the National Wildlife Federation. The letter accused the “Big 10” of “racial bias in policy development, hiring and the make up of their boards, and challenged “them to address toxic contamination in the communities and workplaces of people of color and the poor.” At that time, some of these mainstream organizations made commitments to incorporate environmental justice into their overall mission.

The EJM continued in 1991 with the convening of the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. It was here that poor environmental activists and activists of color created the 󈬁 Principles of Environmental Justice.” In 1992, the EJM continued to grow with an “environmental justice delegation” attending the “U.N. Environmental Summit in Rio de Janeiro” and the appointment Benjamin Chavis and Robert Bullard to President's Clinton's 1994 “transition team”.

Some mainstream environmental organizations and federal agencies have sought to limit the scope of the EJM to the cessation of racially or socio-economically biased siting of hazardous materials sites or polluting industries. Others have focused on eliminated lead poisoning among poor children or toxins in drinking water. While all of these issues are important to the poor and POC, they are only symptoms of a much larger problem when it comes to adhering to the 󈬁 Principles of Environmental Justice.” Traditional notions of environmentalism are but a part (albeit an important one) of the EJM. The most important difference between environmentalism and the EJM is the fact that the EJM framework views people, (all kinds, classes and colors of people) as a precious species that deserves to be protected right alongside polar bears and endangered trees. At first glance, this may be considered by many to be self evident, but when was the last time that you heard a traditional environmentalist speak of issues important to inner city schoolteachers, the congressional black caucus, newly arrived immigrants, or Native American populations?

Consequently, environmental injustices go unrecognized and opportunities to rectify them are missed every day. Boulder and many of its surrounding communities have such progressive, strong environmental policies that, to many, the possibility of any environmental injustice is inconceivable. However injustice is happening each and every day. We encourage you to learn more about the EJM by logging onto our Web site: or by attending one of our upcoming conferences at CU. On February 22 and 23, CU will be hosting the Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit and on March 16 and 17, the CU Law School will be hosting a conference titled “the Climate of Environmental Justice.” The Climate Justice conference will be an especially exciting one with the attendance of Representative Mark Udall and the one many refer to as the father of Environmental Justice, Dr. Robert Bullard.

In a 1992 issue of the EPA Journal, the director of the NRDC said it best when he said “the national groups must listen to the environmental justice activists and engage them as partners. Their priorities and perspectives must be among the factors shaping our agendas.” We couldn't agree more and we hope that our local leaders we be at the forefront of this international movement.

“Principles of Environmental Justice” appears in the Colorado Daily on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. The views expressed in the column are those of the student environmental justice steering committee of the Environmental Center at CU-Boulder, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Colorado Daily or its management.

Mi piacciono i libri
Who says the book is dead?.

Clever leftist propaganda.
This is so rad!

why I love you Tim Kreider
From the artist statement for 11/29/06 comic (emphasis mine):

"Conservatism claims to hold a realistic, unsentimental view of human nature, advocating a form of government that accommodates people as they really are, as opposed to those idealistic liberals who think that well-intentioned social engineering can legislate them into a better shape. And yet conservatives only ever seem to apply this political philosophy to aspects of human nature like selfishness, greed, and callousness toward the suffering of our fellows–what is called "the free market"—and not morally abhorrent aberrations like sexuality. Why can’t conservatives accept the implications of their own ideology? Human beings are weak-willed and lecherous. We want what is bad for us. We adore our vices. No human institution in five thousand years has been able to eradicate them. Which is really the more implausible utopian scheme—socialized medicine or teen abstinence? Reducing greenhouse emissions or Just Saying No to Drugs?"

Right on! I love The Pain When Will it End.

Runner fails 'gender test'
A curious article... article

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si si! sono italiana!
You scored as Dante Alighieri. According to you most of humanity will spend at least some of their afterlife in hell. You have a high likelihood of being exiled, but anyone as bloody fucking romantic as you deserves what they get. You have an exceptional moral code, overshadowed by the fact that you yourself cannot uphold it.

Your existence bears a definite irony, although of fairly Christian morality, many pagans, satanists, communists, and intellectuals admire you and your works for all the wrong reasons.

Also, the brighest star in your sky is never going to be your lover...

It takes a lot of grief to be the cartographer of hell.


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What Pseudo Historical Figure Best Suits You?
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so bored
I'm at work. So bored. I have several things to do, but I can't do them here. Like homework and indexing and assorted writing. I've started watching Nuovo Cinema Paradiso. It's lovely. Alfredo has warned Toto twice so far about loving blue-eyed people. I know this is sound advice.

from the LIS job board:

Chief Librarian
Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Are you interested in putting your library science education and experience to work in one of today’s most challenging, interesting and rewarding environments? Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions is recruiting for a Chief Librarian to manage the Detainee Library, under the direction of the Joint Task Force-Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

In managing the Detainee Library, the Chief Librarian is responsible for providing, maintaining and developing library services and operations using reading, recreational games and puzzles, music, or electronic media. The Chief Librarian is responsible for selecting and maintaining a range of reading and recreational materials to reflect the needs of the patrons in terms of languages and appropriate/approved topics.

The Chief Librarian will supervise a staff of three (one Assistant Librarian and two Linguist/Library Assistants). The Chief Librarian will also work closely with other contractor and government staff.

To be successful in this job, the Chief Librarian will need to be creative, adaptable, ambitious and resourceful. The ideal candidate will possess a degree in library studies or a closely related field and relevant experience. We will consider extensive experience in library operations and management, in lieu of a degree. This job requires proficiency in English. Applicants must be eligible for a US government secret clearance. If you’re interested in talking in more detail, please e-mail your resume to

Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions offers a highly competitive salary and benefit package. Additionally, this job qualifies you for federal tax breaks. Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions is a certified Minority Owned Business and a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business.

Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions is an equal opportunity employer.


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